The Influencer Marketing Network

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are the new online celebrities. People recognise them on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even on the streets. We help brands engage the right influencers to create powerful social media content that reaches and engages their fans and followers. The future of Digital Marketing is Content and Influence and that's what we're good at.

The Leading Celebrity and Influencer Network

With more than 10,000 top influencers to engage, we do all the work to influence your target audience. Through our network, these influencers create compelling content on their Blogs, Websites, Twitter and Instagram channels for your brand.

Branded Online Video
Production Arm

Let us create unique and relatable video content strategies, to not just bring out the brand in an enticing visual manner, but to also deliver the brand's values seamlessly.

The Content Marketing Network

"Hey there! We are Yellow Media, a network of online publications producing viral content in verticals spanning from Lifestyle to Technology and more, reaching 8 million readers on a monthly basis. We specialize in content marketing. Till date, we’ve architected marketing campaigns for a multitude of premium local/global brands."

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